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For over 40 years Gulf Savannah Development has been committed to advocating for the businesses, organisations and individuals in the region. From community economic profiles to feasibility studies, Gulf Savannah Development has invested in a broad array of projects the have contributed positively to the economic development of the region. 

 Since 2010 alone, Gulf Savannah Development has leveraged over two million dollars in funding for projects around the Gulf Region. Many of the projects invested in have also produced additional benefits including additional investment into further projects. A full list of the most recent projects, including current projects managed by Gulf Savannah Development can be found on this website. 


Gulf Savannah Development’s work is guided by it’s key objectives: 

• Promotes Advocacy – we strive to represent all people, businesses, corporations in the Gulf Region, lobbying for greater funding and support from higher government institutions.

• Encourages Sustainable Economic Development – we aim to ensure that the region’s growth remains strong and sustainable for future generations to come by promoting the Gulf Region’s strengths.

• Leverages Funding – to ensure that we are able to meet our purpose and support impactful projects

• Facilitates Collaboration – this is pivotal in establishing strong relationships in the Gulf Region providing a catalyst for change and empowerment in the community.

• Delivers Projects – to execute the ideas and goals that Gulf Savannah Development members have envisaged through collaboration.



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