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The Gulf Savannah region in north Queensland is an exciting and vibrant area of investment growth and economic opportunity, and a unique tourist destination in its own right.

The Gulf Savannah is located across northern Queensland and shares some of the key features of northern Australia including being resource-rich and close to growing Asian markets. Other key strengths of the Gulf Savannah investment environment include its water resources, its active export port and good levels of infrastructure. 

The Gulf of Carpentaria drainage division is the largest in Australia with over 24% of the nation’s water run-off. The Port of Karumba was ranked 5th in Queensland, based on value of goods exported (2006-07), principally mining products and live cattle. In addition, Northern Australia’s savannah country is projected to be the area in Australia that is least adversely affected by climate change. Best estimates suggest a potential increase in rainfall and less dramatic temperature increases. 

Burke, Carpentaria, Croydon, Doomadgee, Etheridge and Mornington Shires have important environmental and cultural heritage values, and offer a good lifestyle, a range of services and pro-active Councils. The region enjoys a climate which is not uniformly hot and humid, and the challenges of remoteness have been addressed by recent improvements in infrastructure and services. Opportunities are considered to exist for development of intensive agriculture and horticulture around areas proximate to suitable soil and water resources. The potential of the Gilbert River area has already been identified by various studies. There are also opportunities to grow primary industry exports out of the Port of Karumba, building on the current trade into Asia. 

The Gulf of Carpentaria has a robust fishing industry and opportunities exist to service the industry out of the Port of Karumba, and in development of aquaculture. There are good prospects for further growth in mining activity, and high quality solar, geothermal and wind resources. There is also an unmet demand for housing in the region. 

There is a range of employment and small business opportunities based around the region’s growing tourism industry and its location on the Savannah Way. Development of new products, to cater for new tourism market segments and changing consumer preferences, is considered an important opportunity that would further grow and diversify the industry. The small business sector is also considered to have opportunities to service a growing population and a growing economy. 

Queensland’s Gulf Savannah region offers a range of opportunities for anyone looking to live, work or invest in this exciting part of northern Australia. The Gulf Savannah Investment Information Document profiles services and lifestyle in five Gulf Savannah Shires – Burke, Carpentaria, Doomadgee, Etheridge and Mornington. It also identifies possible investment, business and employment opportunities in the region and gives an overview of the current status of our five main economic sectors. 

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