Carpentaria Rail Construction

Carpentaria Rail proposes the construction of a new deep water bulk minerals export port on the lower Gulf of Carpentaria with an associated all weather road and rail infrastructure connection from the port to the major towns North Western Minerals province.

The Port Carpentaria Railway project is based on the principles of:

  • Economic viability
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Local empowerment

Improving the access to port and rail infrastructure in the North West Minerals Province will lead to increased mining activities and opportunities within the region. Reduced export costs will also sustain the viability of existing operations in times of moderating world commodity prices and increased international competition.

Growth over time will lead to increasing rail activity and linkages across the state and country and reduced east coast shipping activity in the Great Barrier Reef area. Constraints on existing infrastructure make the development of new facilities more economically viable than upgrading existing infrastructure.

This project will lead to sustainable jobs and increased regional development and services in the lower Gulf. The separation of the route from existing communities means there will be no adverse impact on existing communities and amenity. In addition it reduces potential risk to the Great Barrier Reef from existing operations.

This project will directly support the development of the region’s mineral, energy, agricultural, tourism, defence and other industries with enhanced trade and other investment links with the Asia-Pacific. It will address impediments to growth with critical economic and social infrastructure needed to support the long term growth of the region and drive future linkages and infrastructure connections across states and territories.

Report: /pdf/JSCNAsubmission20140214.pdf